Governance rules

Governance rules

Corporate governance emphasizes the importance of disclosure, transparency, and the provision of the necessary information to all parties concerned with the company, as this contributes to raising the efficiency of performance and contributing to the growth of the company and increasing its profitability, and that its application is the main way to deal with all activities outside the company such as financing from banks 


The company carries out this strictly as follows:


First:  Disclosure about the capital is as follows  

      Whereas, the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport is the owner of the company’s capital, and that the company operates under Law No. (203) of 1991.

1- Information about the capital structure.

2- Basic information approved by the Board of Directors regarding the company’s goals and policies, as well as business results, and it is also done periodically for all the company’s activities and results.

3- Data and information on topics that are being studied for presentation to the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly, as well as all reports and draft decisions.

Second: Board of Directors: – 

       Provide data and statistics in the form of disclosed and transparent reports, lists, and draft decisions presented to the Council as it has the right to:

1- Obtaining correct, accurate and timely information that enables the board to fulfill its responsibilities towards the company as well as the direction of the capital owner (the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport) as well as clients and dealers with the company.

2- Providing all data, information and reports on commercial, engineering, financial and administrative policies and achieved business results, indicating the comparisons by target and comparison, with full compliance with the regulations and laws.

Third: Company employees: –    

    The company’s management is keen to provide all the information of interest to employees that leads to strengthening the rights and duties of workers in terms of human resources plans, as well as pushing work with positive participation in the management and profit distribution plans and developing social, humanitarian, medical and sports work that achieves the principle of providing care for all workers.

Fourth: Clients and entities that the company deals with: –

1- Disclose to them sufficient, real and timely data and information about the company regarding: –

A- The future plans of the company.

B- Performance results and indicators.

C- Financial position and cash flows.

D – the tax position and compliance with legislation.

E – Comply with all regulations and laws governing rights and duties, and strictly implement the contracts and cooperation protocols that regulate work between them and the company.

F- How to apply the preservation of the environment.


2- Providing all capabilities that assure customers the quality of executive performance and after-sales service for all company activities (commercial, repair and manufacturing).