About Us

About Us

Introducing the company

The Nile Company for the Manufacture and Repair of Cars was established on 7/1/1964 and it is an Egyptian joint stock company and is subject to the provisions of Law (203) for the year 91 and its executive regulations. The company is 100% wholly owned by the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport and the company’s activities are as follows: –


First: Artistic Activity:


-Manufacture of all different types of tanks (tanks / water / fuel waste) for all different parties

-Providing all types of funds (fixed / closed).

– Repair raising the efficiency of all types of vehicles.

-Providing and raising the efficiency of the public service of the armed forces.

-Supplying various types of tippers for all sides.

-Manufacture of winches (a tower to repair electricity poles – rescue – behind the cabinet)

-Manufacture of trailers: slow tow (agricultural) and fast towing 2,3,4x.


Second: Commercial Activity:

1- Tire supply:

In cooperation with Prometion Tires Egypt (formerly Alexandria Tires), all wire tires for transportation are supplied in different sizes and all domestic tires of all sizes for subsidiaries, companies and other bodies through tenders or direct orders.The company supplies all kinds of different tires to all companies when the customer needs.


2- Batteries supply:


• In cooperation with Chloride Company, all types of batteries are supplied to companies through tenders or direct orders.

• In addition to the batteries of the German company (Voltex Battery) and King Faisal Company (European imported batteries) when the customer needs.

• A study is underway to contract with the Qaha Company for Chemical Industries to supply (Golden Horse) batteries.


.3- Supply of oils and lubricants:


-In cooperation with Technical Sport Company to supply oils and lubricants to companies through tenders or direct orders.

-Examination of a contract with Misr Petroleum and Cairo Supplies Company for the supply of oils and lubricants is underway.

 The company has several centers for selling and marketing tires, batteries, oils and lubricants with the following branches: –

(1) Tanta branch.

(2) Damanhour branch.

(3) Beni Suef branch.


4- Service stations:

The company owns (2) service stations (Beni Suef Station / Central Cairo Station) in addition to a leased station from El Nasr Company for Export and Import in Marsa Matrouh to supply cars (gasoline / solar) and sell oils to various destinations, especially the West and Central Delta Bus Company. 


 5- The winch:

The company uses the winch to save the company’s cars, companies and third parties, in exchange for money according to the distances traveled 

6- Car buying and selling activity.

Buying and selling all kinds of cars (owners transport of all kinds and equipment – buses – minibuses – microbuses) – Service centers under the partnership or lease system:In cooperation with different companies (Lada / Berlin / Landlords for Supplies) through service centers and car maintenance.